Why Craven Arms for Texas CHL permit instruction?

-Philip approaches his lessons with a friendly, student-centered focus that allows for interactive learning and individual instruction.


What style of instruction is used at Craven Arms?

-As a Second Degree Black Belt with extensive experience instructing all ages, Philip utilizes his expertise in self-defense and an engaging teaching style to work with students’ interests and encourage questions.


What is covered in the Texas CHL permit class?

-The DPS class requirements for legal issues, use of force, non-violent conflict resolution, and safe handgun handling & storage are conveyed in a conversational setting and practiced during the live-fire training and testing where appropriate. Individual instruction allows for CHL classwork and live-fire shooting proficiency to be completed within the required four hours.


What are the unique benefits of training for a Texas CHL permit with Craven Arms?

-Philip approaches the Texas CHL class from the perspective of a self-defense professional. Situational awareness and the “open focus” approach to surroundings and execution are used to convey class material and shooting proficiency. Students already proficient with handguns will receive self-defense technique appropriate to their experience and needs.


Are there pre-requisites for the Texas CHL class with Craven Arms?

-Students without previous proficiency in handguns will receive integrated handling and marksmanship training at the range, so there are no requirements for registering for CHL classes with Craven Arms.


Are group classes available?

-Group classes for five or more persons are available by advance request at the cost of $125 per person, and will require separate scheduling for the live-fire proficiency test (price includes range session).  Group classes will adhere to the required DPS class material and will provide handgun handling and use simulation (excludes live-fire instruction and self-defense technique).  With sufficient advance notice, group CHL classes and shooting proficiency tests can be scheduled to run successively (excludes instruction in shooting and self-defense technique). With sufficient advance notice, group CHL classes and shooting proficiency tests can be scheduled to run successively at the Austin Rifle Club education building and CHL range in Manor, Texas.  Group session students who lack prior handgun proficiency are strongly encouraged to take CravenArms’ basic shooting class before CHL training or carrying concealed.


Does Craven Arms submit student CHL applications to Texas Department of Public Safety?

-No. Students are responsible for submitting their CHL applications and supporting material to Texas DPS, and for tracking the progress of their requests. Student completion of the Texas CHL class is good for one year towards an application with Texas DPS for the CHL permit.


What other services are offered by Craven Arms?

-Beginner, intermediate, and advanced handgun and rifle proficiency instruction is available, as are all levels of empty-handed and traditional martial arts weapons technique. Consulting on firearms purchases, instruction in cleaning and care, and basic gunsmithing services are offered. Inquire about specific interests/needs for rates and availability.